Moving to a New Apartment

It's been just over a year since we first landed in Fredericton, and now, we've just moved into a new apartment!


Please let's all do our part to stop the spread and save lives. This is not a drill!

Autumn In Fredericton

I LOVE AUTUMN HERE! All the beautiful colours, and the lovely cool sunny days.... lulling us into forgetting the snow is on its way! 😀

New Brunswick Day

It's a beautiful summer day... Head out and enjoy all the different activities happening around New Brunswick province for New Brunswick Day 2019!

Odell Park (and Z’s Birthday)

We took a walk to Odell Park, and enjoyed a wonderful day out, checking out the hiking trails

Canada Day

We experience our first ever Canada Day celebrations in New Brunswick, Canada!

Downtown Dubai

Even an ultra-modern city has a peaceful, quiet side..... early in the morning!