Presenting… the Writer

In my everyday life, I am a software architect. In my heart, I was, am, and will always be, a writer.


Originally from sunny South Africa, my husband Z (who is a financial advisor) and I lived and worked in the ultra modern city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2016, before completing the immigration process and moving to the beautiful town of Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada in June 2019.

Blogging is my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings, of catching all those little fancies and dreams that come my way at the oddest hours of the day, and giving them a tangible shape to be shared with others.

This blog is about some of the places Z and I have been in the UAE and in New Brunswick, Canada (and hopefully other parts of Canada and the world as well, eventually! 🙂 ), and our travels/experiences in general, but it is mainly a place to document our journey of immigrating to Canada, and our new Canadian life, a step at a time.

In some ways, I rather feel like those pioneering adventurers who left all they knew behind, to find what lay beyond the horizon.

Canada Journey

I will try to give as much details as possible for the steps we took to make this dream of a new country come true (and also keep the information and details provided as up-to-date as possible!). I hope that it helps some of you out there, who are also trying to achieve the great Maple Leaf country dream.