Lepreau Falls

The weather is steadily getting cooler, so we know that winter will soon be here again. But this past long weekend had some very lovely (although very windy and cold) weather; so Z and I decided to go on one last ‘autumn adventure’ before the weather turned and we get stuck indoors for another few months, waiting for the snow to go away. 😀

Obviously, due to restrictions, we really couldn’t go very far. But as I mentioned before, New Brunswick has some spectacular places to visit and enjoy, and we haven’t even explored 20% of those yet (but we will!).

So this weekend, we settled on taking a day trip to St. Andrews and also to Lepreau Falls.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend much time in St. Andrews because it was way too windy and cold. We definitely plan to go back again, though, because there are some really beautiful and historical sights there to check out. We also want to visit Minister’s Island, in Pasamaquoddy Bay, just northeast of St. Andrews. It’s accessible at low tide by a wide gravel bar suitable for vehicular travel.

After stopping to get some triple-triple Tim’s, we took a drive to Lepreau Parish in Charlotte Country, east of St. Andrews, to visit the Lepreau Falls.

Lepreau Falls is one of New Brunswick’s best “drive by” waterfalls. Located within the tiny hamlet of Lepreau, this site is well marked and advertised. Ask locals for directions if required, as the area is well known. Picnic tables, garbage can and walkways along with washroom facilities make it an excellent site for family visit.

The name is of French origin and is a derivative of la pereau for “little rabbit.” The contemporary spelling has prevailed since the mid-nineteenth century.

The rapids above the main falls produces a surface of white caps and eddy’s which culminates with a fantastic roar over an 8 meter rocky ledge into the Bay of Fundy at its base. This series of waterfalls spans the entire width of the Lepreau river and is truly breathtaking. You can appreciate this natural attraction from an observation deck just down river from the falls.

After parking we walked along the boardwalks and paths checking out vantages at each lookout. The falls and preceding rapids provide a spectacular show. The river cascades over the last drop into the bay. On low tide the falls lands on rocks and then flows here and there into a channel to the bay.

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