A Family Doctor at Last

Finding a family doctor in Fredericton is tough.

Unless you know someone who knows someone who knows a GP who is accepting or willing to accept new patients, like us you will probably be waiting a long time before you are able to have a regular family doctor. Currently, according to a recent report in the papers, there are over 15000 people on Patient Connect NB registry, waiting to be assigned a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Until yesterday, Z and I were 2 of those people. But alhumdulillah, after over a year of waiting, we have finally been able to get registered with a family doctor, Dr. K. We were originally meant to meet him in March for our first appointment, but, as with so many other things this year, thanks to Covid-19, that was cancelled and there was no option for rescheduling.

But once the province began to reopen again, from the middle of July to the beginning of August, I called the clinic where Dr. K is based a few times, and asked for an appointment. Since Dr. K has a lot of already established patients (all of whom obviously needed to be accommodated) and works shifts at the Dr. Everett Chalmers hospital as well, I wasn’t even sure he would still take us on as patients or when we would get an appointment, if he did. Luckily, he was still able to take us on, but we were only able to get our (second) first appointment (haha) with him for yesterday (31st August).

This was just the preliminary visit, basically to take down all our details and our medical history. After the standard Q&As, Dr. K suggested we both undergo some bloodwork to ensure we don’t have any other medical conditions. This was mainly because of our ages (*sigh* we are old 😥 ) and our family medical history (Z and many of his family have high BP, and we both have close family members who suffer from diabetes and cholesterol problems).

At any other time, it would have been as simple as Dr. K’s office scheduling an appointment for us and then for us going to the walk-in clinic or hospital to get these done. But, once again, the current situation has put a delay on everything. And so, even though Dr. K’s office called through to schedule an appointment, we have no idea when it will be. Hopefully in the next couple of months if we are lucky! 😀

All in all though, it is a real relief to finally have a family doctor.

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