If you hadn’t realised the seriousness of this before, you should now.

Globally, currently, over 400 000 people have been infected. Almost 18 500 people are dead. Yes, a very large percentage have recovered, but no one, not even the best scientific and medical minds in the world know yet the long term effects of this virus. And that’s just in terms of health. No one can say with 100% certainty what the impact will be, economic and otherwise, in a few months from now, let alone a year or 5 years down the line.

Consider this: It took the virus SIXTY-SEVEN  (67) days to infect the first 100 000 people. The next 100 000 were infected within eleven (11) days. And the next 100 000? Within FOUR (4) days. Just FOUR days to do what originally took 67 days. Do you see how fast it’s spreading? Do you see how, if we don’t practice social distancing and hand washing, if we don’t follow the directives the medical community is pleading with us to follow, and don’t take the necessary precautions RIGHT NOW, within the next few weeks, the number of infected will not be in the hundreds of thousands but in the millions.

And that curve? It’s not flattening. Even with the large recovery rate, the death toll is rising every day. When it began, the death toll was around 1%. Now it’s at 4.48% based on the latest numbers. That might seem very little to some, but remember this people: the statistics are based on people who have been TESTED only. Who knows how many people who have not been able to get tested are infected? Who knows how many those are dying or already have died? Who knows how many are out there who are infected but couldn’t care less or show no symptoms?

Hospitals around the world are already breaking under the strain. There aren’t enough tests to test everyone. And as I said above, not everyone who is infected show symptoms. Let me repeat that once more, LOUDLY for the people at the back: NOT EVERYONE WHO IS INFECTED SHOW SYMPTOMS. And again, not everyone who is infected think it’s necessary to stay home and self-isolate. Not everyone, infected or not, understand or want to understand, that IT IS NOT ABOUT THEM!!! It is about the vulnerable: the elderly, the children, the poor, the homeless, the refugees, the people already suffering from underlying medical issues… and it is about the health workers, sanitation workers, defence workers… every single person who is working endlessly, tirelessly in the front-lines to save and protect as many lives as possible against an invisible enemy that’s growing stronger day by day and spreading faster than measures can be put into place to contain it.

If not for yourself, then think about those people before you give into that attitude of “I don’t care; it won’t affect me. And even if I do get it, I will survive it.” Sure, you may survive it. But what about all those people you may have already infected or will go on to infect, who may not be blessed with a strong immune system like you, and who will succumb to the virus?

It is so simple to help prevent the spread of this virus. Just a few simple steps, and 14 days of staying out of harm’s way and making you don’t become a danger to others yourself. Is it really so hard to have to deal with a few inconveniences in our “normal” daily lives to ensure we do our part to stop this pandemic?

People always talk about not having enough time.  Enough time to spend with their loved ones. Enough time to read that book. Enough time to watch that movie. Enough time to develop that hobby. Enough time to exercise and eat healthy. Enough time to learn the teachings of your religion (whatever religion you follow) and renew your faith.

Well, now you have that time.

Now you have days and days to slow down, take a step back, look around at this world that sustains you and really connect with your loved ones and most importantly, with your Creator.

And if you don’t want to do all that, or that is too high-brow for you, that’s fine.

You could just stay home and binge watch your favourite series on any of the streaming services so readily available nowadays.

Watch Game of Thrones, Seasons 1 to 8, and bemoan how badly they messed up the ending. Watch FRIENDS and feel nostalgic about the 1990s. Watch Criminal Minds. Watch Frozen for the 1000th time by yourself or with your kids if you have them, or enjoy the original 1994 version of The Lion King and relive your childhood memories. Watch endless YouTube videos of cats or make TikTok videos.

But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… above all, just STAY HOME for the 2 weeks and STAY SAFE – for yourself, for your family, for the world. Do your part to help STOP THE SPREAD.

Let’s #flattenthecurve.

Together, we can make it happen.

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