The Sorrow I Hold Inside

This was a poem I wrote several years ago, that was published in a South African poetry anthology at the time. I came across it just lately again. When I look back now, it’s funny how a lot of the poems I wrote at that time were so moody and depressing! 😀 I promise, I was not that moody or depressing!

But going through my poems reminded me how much I enjoyed writing and creating stories and worlds with my words (which I now sort of do with my paintings). I hope I can dust off the author’s cobwebs and start writing again….

Anyway, for my regular readers, although this is not a regular post, I do hope you enjoy reading the poem, which was inspired by my love of Middle-Earth (of course 🙂 ) and especially the story of Beren and Luthien Tinuviel, and Daeron the minstrel, who also loved Luthien.

I sing ancient songs; speak of ancient ways
As I sit here tonight, beneath the bright stars and clear sky
But am doomed forever to wander here, finding no peace
Do you know the sorrow I hold inside?

Enchanted moments, forgotten past
Glimmering like a distant star
Have passed away in the tide of Time
And no one knows the sorrow I hold inside

O, beloved, I remember the songs we sang
The joyful banter, the kindly words
And the loving touch that healed my hurts
But now there is only the sorrow I hold inside

Memories of my yesterdays
Now have faded; out of reach, so far, far away
Only heartbreak and pain remains
Always the sorrow I hold inside

No qualms I had when the Rose of Life I did accept
A sweet, tender kiss before we parted
Yet its thorns impaled me and left me bleeding:
It is the sorrow I hold inside

Under the cover of night, you came to me
Sweet poison veiled in soft delight
Words offering but a brief respite
And I mistook them for the elixir of life
But at dawn’s first light, you stole away
Caressed my cheek, like the zephyr
And said farewell
And left me grieving
Forever the sorrow I hold inside

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