25 thoughts on “NBPNP Online System – Full Application

  1. Hi again. I’ve submitted my application via INB after receiving ITA from NB a few days ago. I was just wondering as I did not receive any notification that they received my application. The ‘remaining days counter’ in the dashboard still runs and now it’s like 8 days left. I noticed I still have the option to continue or withdraw my application under the registration panel. Do I need to email them to inquire if they have received my application online? If yes, who do I contact? So sorry to bother you again, I am just anxious as I haven’t received any messages after I completed the online application. Thanks so much.


  2. Hello. Thank you for your insights so far. I submitted a few days ago and I didnt receive an AOR pdf either. The status just says submitted, Though I did get a notification on INB the following day asking me for an edit on my profile which I did.

    Can I assume that my application has been received or i still need to send an email to NBPNP directly.

    How were you able to cope with the long’wait’? Any advise
    Thank you


    • Hi there!

      Since you got a notification the day after submission, you can assume that the submission has been successful and that your application is currently under process. You will not need to send an email to NBPNP unless there is some specific things regarding your application (e.g a missing document) that you need to update about.

      The main thing required for this entire process is PATIENCE and it’s a tough thing to do! I alternated between panicking and distracting myself with other things as much as possible. It’s best (I’ve found) not to dwell on the application and the time it takes to process, because you will drive yourself crazy. Take up a new hobby (or renew an old one), start gathering documents needed for the CIC application process, research on NB and where in NB you would like to settle and the costs and conditions related to that…. all these things really help.. and also – just going about living your normal, everyday life. Don’t make the application and the process your main focal point during this waiting period.

      Good luck!


      • Alhamdulillah. I got the nomination about 4 hours ago. Thank you for your kind words and insight.

        I am yet to receive the additional 600 points but I have the nomination letter. Thanks


      • That’s great news alhumdulillah!
        The 600 points should shpw up on your CIC account within a day or 2 at most. It should be in time for the next CIC Express Entry draw

        Good luck for the rest of the process!


  3. I got ITA last week. Just a query can we edit the ITA as my son’s passport has not received and I want to start the application. So if I proceed the application to next page without uploading his documents, can I be able to come back and edit the application when received.


    • Hi there
      If you and your wife have a joint account or if the funds in your wife’s account contribute towards the value of your net worth, then you should definitely include her accounts as well.
      Even if she transferred a certain amount from her account to your account, her account details should be included


  4. Hi ,please if i am applying in a Regulated Profession,i.e, NOC 2147 ,am i mandated to have a License before they can issue a nomination or License is only required before working in that profession when i get to NB?


    • Hello

      Sometimes the NBPNP AOR email gets redirected to your Spam/Junk folder, so check that first.

      Also check the Notifications section in your INB profile page, you should have received a PDF file from NBPNP that is basically an AOR when you submit your application

      If you are still worried about it, you can email NBPNP directly and ask if your application has been received in good order.


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