Time Flies

A year ago today, I had finally submitted our PR application to the CIC.

It had a been a tough road, with lots of ups and downs, and worries about finances and our chances, trying to make sure we had provided everything necessary to ensure we had a smooth processing of our application by the CIC.

We had no idea what would be ahead of us; we just knew we would be facing a long wait, and, if approved, most probably a short stay in Canada to take care of a few things, before returning to our ‘regular’ lives in the UAE.

Little did we think then that, a year later, we would be living and working in Fredericton, and be both excited and comically terrified of facing the coming winter. *yeeek*



It’s funny to think that in 6 days time, we will have been in Fredericton for 3 months already. It still feels like new to me – every day I wake up and think, “Wow, we are really here!” I’m sure next year I’ll be most probably be more like, “Gosh, we’re still here!?” Haha.

So far, I am loving living in Fredericton.

People here are never in a rush (well, except some of the drivers). Most of them are friendly and chatty and helpful. There’s lots and lots of green everywhere (something I sorely missed in Dubai). I get to walk a lot (great way to lose weight hahaha). There are no skyscrapers and hardly any high-rise buildings. The autumn colours you get to see are gorgeous – really, I think we arrived in NB at the best time, because right now we get to see the gradual change from summer to autumn, and the beautiful red, gold and green of the trees everywhere.


This is not a place for those of you who enjoy and the want the city life. There are no super-fancy malls, trending nightclubs or ultramodern attractions to visit. But if you like a simple, peaceful, laid-back life, where you have time to enjoy your life, the beautiful outdoors, and spend actual quality time with your family, then I absolutely recommend you come to Atlantic Canada. You will not regret it.

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