Odell Park (and Z’s Birthday)

So yesterday was Z’s birthday.

Last year on Z’s birthday, we were in the UAE.

The skies celebrated his birthday with a spectacular Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

We celebrated his birthday by going for a steak lunch (his favourite kind of meal) at the Texas Roadhouse in Dubai Mall, and then vegetating at home for the rest of the day.

This year, we are in Fredericton, NB. We are in Canada. We are in a whole different continent.

So what were our awesome plans to celebrate this year?


For a start: grocery shopping! Yay! 😀

The skies weren’t very interested in doing anything awesome this year for him, but… it was a lovely, breezy summer day in Freddy. 🙂

So we went to Odell Park to try out a couple of the hiking trails.

One of Canada’s Best Old Growth Forests, Odell Park is a 175-hectare (432-acre), year-round park within the heart of Fredericton. There are 16 km of trails winding their way through a varied forest. Some of the trees in the park are more than 400 years old!

It’s about a 20 minute walk from our apartment to Odell Park, and we got to see many of the beautiful houses along the way.

Once at the park, we simply took whichever trail took our fancy and enjoyed the walk in the cool shade and dappled sunlight provided by the forest…


I would definitely recommend that when you visit Odell Park, you should make a day of it. Since there is about 16 km of trails, you can pack a picnic lunch to take with you, and go early(-ish) in the morning, so you can maximise the time spent in this beautiful park enjoying a wonderful day out.

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