4 thoughts on “CIC Account Update

  1. For the program AIP-New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream.
    All my requirements as an applicant are all complete and ready.
    My medical already done and the result was already submitted to IRCC last week of December 2020 as indicated to my medical result copy “Your eMedical case has been submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).”
    I’ve been hanging and waiting for my Biometric.
    I just would like to ask if is there instances that Employer didn’t pay the Compliance Fee for the reason that Biometric cannot proceed.


    1. Hi Andy

      I am not very sure in this regard as I did not come to Canada via the AIP.
      From the guidelines, the employer would have had to submit the compliance fee, and an employment offer letter to the IRCC via the IRCC employers portal before you could submit your application for a work permit. So those steps should have been done well before your application even started.
      Please note, the employer DOES NOT pay for your Right of Permanent Residence fee, medical or biometric fees, application processing fee, or any other fees related to your application. If you have been informed otherwise, that is incorrect. At most, the employer may cover your flight expenses, if that had been discussed and is stated in the offer of employment letter.
      I would suggest reaching out to your Canadian employer directly and finding out what the issue may be.


  2. Hi there, congrats on getting your PR! I applied for my student visa on the portal on June 20th, 2019 and yesterday, on July 24th, I was notified I passed my medical exam. I know PR is a much more elaborate process, so I can’t compare our timelines here but would you know if that update means I’m likely to receive final word from them sometime this week itself now that I received the update?


    1. Hi there!
      According to CIC, processing times differ depending on the country you are applying from… anywhere between 4 weeks up to 16 weeks.
      From the general trend I’ve seen with others, it seems like the visa is approved within 2 months of medical passed
      I’d suggest checking the CIC website for their processing times for your country specifically and go from there 🙂

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