Expenses, Expenses!

Admit it, the reason you are reading this blog, and specifically this blog post, is because you have either been thinking about immigrating, or have started the process of immigration to Canada, and you want some idea of the amount of money you are required to spend to make that Dream of Maple Leaf Country come true.

Let me tell know right now: if you have decided to immigrate, please remember that it is not a fast process. Also remember that it is an expensive process. Be well prepared for that from the beginning.

Over and above the minimum required amount needed for your Proof of Funds – which is based on the number of total people in the PR application, and increases slightly every year – you need to be prepared of the cost of doing the IELTS General exam (perhaps several times), of sending your educational degrees and certificates to be assessed for Canadian equivalency, of getting your Medical exams done, of getting Police Clearance certificates from every country you have lived in for more than 6 months, and various other miscellaneous costs.

Since we went through the PNP route for our Maple Leaf Journey, we had the additional costs of PNP processing and application fees.

Below is a screenshot of the total amount we spent in the basic requirements for the Canadian Immigration process – for both the PNP and CIC stages of our application:

Please note: Most of the values here are given in UAE Dirhams; however, I have included the Canadian dollar equivalent for certain things, like the WES evaluation, and the total amount we have spent in the reaching Canadian PR status.

Between February 2018, when I applied to write the IELTS exam, until September 2018, when we finally submitted our complete PR application, we spent a total of 5,866 AED or nearly CAD $2,100 on the basic requirements for immigration.

Some of the expenses mentioned here will not apply to everyone. For example, I had actually applied to 2 different Canadian colleges for a Post graduate course as a contingency plan. If, for some reason, we did not receive the PNP nomination, we could still try for Express Entry through a student permit/visa. I also had to make several long-distance calls to South Africa to sort out my Provident Fund account, since it contributed to half of our PoF.

Canada Expenses - Basic

Next came the expenses associated with the PNP nomination process. Although some provinces do not have a processing fee for PNP applicants, New Brunswick does require a once-off processing fee of CAD $250. However, compared to the basic fees/costs and the costs of the CIC stage, PNP was a breeze, as can be seen below.

There are no costs for attending the NBPNP Information Session (which we attended in March 2018) and also for sending the EOI to NBPNP (which we did in May 2018). Costs related to the PNP actually started once we received the ITA to send a full application from NBPNP in June 2018.

Then came the main expenses…. all the documents needed for the CIC stage. Again, not everyone will end up paying as much as we did, since we had to deal with some unforeseen circumstances that ended up costing us extra.

We received our CIC ITA on 25 July 2018, giving us until 24 September 2018 to submit our full PR application. Costs during this stage included the PCCs, the medical exam, and the biometrics and PR processing fees. We didn’t pay the RPRF fees when we submitted the final application, but waited to receive the request from CIC. Once we received out golden PPR email in January 2019 and submitted our passports for our PR Visas and CoPRs, our total cost for the CIC stage came to 10,025 AED or CAD $3,555.

Canada Expenses - CIC


As of now, we have a total cost of almost 17,200 AED (about CAD $6,100) for the IELTS exams, ECA verification, PNP stage, CIC stage and the CoPRs and PR visas. I have not included the cost of our tickets to Canada, nor the required amount for our PoF, that we need to have available to us when we land.

For now, this just a glimpse of the expenses that come along with making your Canadian dream a reality.

Once again, be aware of the costs, and be prepared.

2 thoughts on “Expenses, Expenses!

    1. Hi Lynn

      That was one of the requirements outlined by NBPNP on the Document Checklist when we submitted the full application. You can check my previous post on all documents required


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