Final Decision: Approved!

After submitting our passports at the Dubai VAC on 16 January and having them delivered to the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi the following day, my daily obsessive logging in to the MyCIC account returned to something more manageable.

Amazingly, I only logged in every 4 or 5 days. There was no change to the Application Status section, which worried me for a bit, until (of course) I read through fellow applicants’ posts on the CanadaVisa forum, and realised it would not be updated again until the visa was issued.

No Change in Profile 25 Nov

Honestly, I was fine with this. I knew our passports had been submitted, and whether we got them back in 5 days or 30 days, the fact remained, we were that much closer to becoming Canadian Permanent Residents. 😀

In the mean time, I had applied for Z and I to attend the online session for Planning for Canada for newcomers. This is a free service provided by the Canadian Government and from all I have researched, something that is extremely beneficial to immigrants like us. To register for a session, you need to least have the PPR email from CIC as proof of eligibility.

planning for canada


Anyway…………………………….. back to the main news of the day.

I had phoned the Dubai VAC office last week Wednesday in the hopes that maybe the processing of our passports was completed, but… no such luck. So I figured, all right, I will give it until the end of this week to check again if nothing happens before then.

Yesterday, I logged into my MyCIC account around 10 pm (UAE time) after about 5 days. No particular reason, just thought I would have a look. And… what do you know! The Current Status now said “Application/Profile Updated”. I hadn’t been this excited since I got our PPR email 2 weeks ago. 😀 😛

pr application updated 28 jan_li

I had the absolute biggest smile on my face as I clicked the “Check full application status” link, because I knew.. oh, I just knew… It was finally done. Alhumdulillah. From that inconspicuous day we attended the NBPNP Information Session to this moment, nearly a year later… we had done it.

And there was the beautiful message in all its glory:

final decision 28 jan_li

As you can see, now there was an additional section after the Details section for the Documents Status. So this confirmed that the visas had been generated, and they are valid until 12 August 2019. Which means, we have until that day to enter Canada and get our passports stamped as PR holders. *squuuuueeeeeee* 😀 😀 😀

The main account page now read:

application approved 28 jan_li

Obviously, I could not phone the Dubai VAC at that time of the night to find out about when we will be receiving our passports back, now that the final decision on our application had been reached and it was approved.

But I called them this morning, and after finally reaching a customer service person, I was told that we should be receiving our passports back within the next 24 or 48 hours.

All righty; I’ve waited this long, I can wait 2 more days.

I’m just so relieved and so happy right now. I know there’s still a tough road ahead. I know it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. But my heart is so grateful at the moment. Shukr to Allah, that we have come this far. He has guided us on this path, and helped us reach this point.

In Sha Allah may the remaining path on our Maple Leaf Journey be a good one, and may our dreams for our new home come true.

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