(NBPNP) Recruitment Events – Updated (07 DEC)

UPDATE: Because of the global crisis due to the COVID19 pandemic, NBPNP has now reverted to online, virtual information sessions and job fairs. Please keep checking the NBPNP website and this blog for updates.



Please note that there is no “Connection to New Brunswick” for the purposes of the NB Express Entry stream—that policy was ended in 2018.

Unfortunately this means attending an information session will no longer qualify you to submit an EOI

There are 5 immigration streams in the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) which help immigrants come to the province.

  1. The NB Express Entry Stream is designed for Foreign Nationals with the skills, education and work experience to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy, who are ready to live and work in New Brunswick and meet the requirements for each stage of the Express Entry Stream. Applicants who wish to apply and qualify through the EE stream need to submit their Expressions of Interests through the INB portal.
  2. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). This is a pilot project, unique to the Atlantic region and is an employer-driven immigration program to attract and retain global talent while supporting population growth and addressing labour shortages.
  3. The NB Skilled Worker Stream is designed for Foreign Nationals who possess the skills, education and work experience needed to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. Candidates must meet the program’s minimum eligibility requirements, have a genuine offer of employment from a New Brunswick Employer and have the full intent to live and work in the province on a permanent basis.
  4. The NB Entrepreneurial Stream is designed for experienced business owners and senior managers who wish to become permanent residents by owning a business in New Brunswick (NB) and managing it, while residing in the Province.
  5. The NB Strategic Initiative, which launches in January 2020, is for French-speaking workers with the skills, education and work experience to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy, and who are ready to live and work in New Brunswick permanently.

Below is a listing of the upcoming information sessions and employer-driven recruitment events. Participation at all events is by INVITATION ONLY. There are three types of events which may be posted on the website:

  1. Information Session: this is a limited-seating information session about living and working in New Brunswick and provides an overview of specific immigration pathways. The number of seats available are limited.
  2. Job Fair: this is an employer-driven event where employers invite qualified candidates to meet with them to discuss specific job opportunities. This is not open an open forum. This is NOT an open forum.
  3. Entrepreneurial Information Session: this is an information session for current Managers or Business Owners (only) looking to learn more about (and are prepared to) starting or buying a business in New Brunswick, Canada.

The steps to register and then attend are as follows:

  1. Go to the NB recruitment events web page.
  2. Register to attend an event by first selecting, “Sign Up” next to the event you want to attend below.
  3. Receive an email inviting you to attend a specific event if you are selected. You must bring a printed or electronic copy of this invitation as proof you were invited to the event. ONLY register once per event, the system will automatically remove multiple registrations for the same individual.
  4. If you are unable to attend the specific event for which you are invited, the invitation MAY NOT be used at another event in the future (the invitation is for one event). You must register for and receive an event-specific invitation.

Please note that the only way to attend an upcoming information session is by registering online. Emails asking for permission to attend or updates will be deleted with no additional response. If the registration is closed, it means that you were not selected to attend.

Confirmation emails will be sent at least one week prior to the event.

December 2020 Virtual Transportation Mission –
Winter 2021
Netherlands, UK
December 2020 NB Skilled Trades Mission Canada SIGN UP

PLEASE NOTE: NBPNP have (like a few other Canadian provinces) selected potential candidates directly from the Express Entry pool and sent them Notifications of Interest to apply for NBPNP. So if you are interested in NB as a province to settle, make sure you have selected “New Brunswick” or “All Provinces” when creating your Express Entry profile.

82 thoughts on “(NBPNP) Recruitment Events – Updated (07 DEC)

  1. Hii, I am ATHIRA,I attended information session NB.16th December.2020 its Nursing recruitment.i meet all eligible requirements. But I am not receive any mail or ita . .GNB staff tell they are search all profile individually after sent ita. So any idea in this session if I am select or not


    1. Hi Athira
      You need to first go to the INB portal and submit an Expression of Interest, mentioning that you attended the Information Session. If you meet all the eligibility criteria (including having a current profile in the IRCC Express Entry, with a profile number), then they will process your EOI and send you an ITA to submit full documentation.


      1. Hi Athira
        You would only be able to submit an EOI *after* attending an info session or if you have some other connection to NB (like studying in NB or having relatives in NB), otherwise the EOI would be rejected. Did you submit the EOI after December 16th?


    1. Hello
      For the current recruitment event, yes, you need to be a temporary worker, international student, or permit holder IN Canada
      However, NBPNP will probably add more events in the coming months for potential overseas candidates




  2. Dear Code,

    Good Day!

    I have completed my ECA & IELTS in December 2019. I have score 6 band [L-6, R-5.5,W-6,S-7].
    My age is 42 & having 14+ years of experience in IT Industry.
    I am seeking PR of Canada along with my wife either through AIPP or RNIP and have applied through immigration consultancy here in Dubai – U.A.E

    As I have mentioned my both ECA & IELTS is complete. So what could be the next step?
    how to create account in Job Bank? As AIPP is Employer Driven Program, how can i find out Employer who can recruit me under AIPP based on my profession & Skill.

    My immigration consultancy updated me that they are working on it.But they are taking very long time to come up with any new update.

    Is there any way through which i can also find out Employer Parallel to fasten the process?

    I have created my account in https://inb.gnb.ca/ but don’t know which option need to choose to create EOI.

    Seeking your Suggestion & guidance.

    Thanks and regards,
    Prashant Mehta


    1. Hello Prashant

      1. The list of designated employers for AIPP for NB can be found on the GNB website – http://www.welcomenb.ca
      2. You will be able to create an account in Job Bank once you create an Express Entry profile
      3. There is honestly no way to speed up the process – whether applying through AIPP or NBPNP – the immigration process requires a lot of patience! Especially at this time.
      4. INB has 4 options: Skilled Worker, Express Entry, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, or Strategic Initiative. Skilled worker is for those already living and working in NB. Express Entry is for those who have some connection to NB (family, study, work, NBPNP info session). AIPP is for those with a job offer from a designated AIPP employer in NB. Strategic initiative are aimed towards Francophones or bilingual candidates (English and French). So you need to see which of the 4 options apply to you and proceed with that

      Due to the current situation, all immigration programs have been delayed. Right now, the federal Express Entry draws are only targeting PNP and CEC nominees already in the pool, and Canadian employers have either postponed or scrapped many available jobs, especially when hiring overseas candidates.

      Hopefully everything will start to return to normal in the next few months, but until then, I would say, just be patient and don’t give up


  3. Hi Code, it’s being a while I wrote last on your platform, I hope all is well even at this tough time the world is passing through this ugly experience.

    I attended the NB information session at the Netherland of which after I received an ITA and I was able to submit my complete application through the NB express entry platform on the 25th March. right after that am yet to hear from the NB immigration office again. Someone told me that the paused all nominations for applicants outside NB without any job offer due to this COVID 19 issue. I am just confused because I was allowed by there website to submit my application and it’s about 4 weeks now am yet to hear from them. Like how many weeks does it take NB to process an application? please advised me further.


    1. NB PNP is accepting applications however the processing times have significantly increased due to the current situation. The Federal government, as well as the local governments, are now concentrating on processing the applications of those already in Canada (whether they applied via PNP or CEC,etc.). Normally, the application is processed within a few weeks and you would have received your nomination. But again, because of this current situation, this may take much longer. Unfortunately I cannot give you a definite timeline, and I doubt the PETL would be able to either. Hopefully it will be soon, as New Brunswick is slowly easing restrictions now.


  4. Hello Code,
    Africa events are closed from the NB websites
    Why is it working when click on the link from your website.
    I applied from the link from your website
    Thanks a lot for the explanation


    1. Hi

      Please note, I simply put up the events lists on my blog for the convenience of my readers, and update it as and when the NB website updates it. Sometimes my update can be a day or 2 later than the NB website.

      Please do not see the list on this page as final. Double-check on the NB website and follow that list as final.


  5. Please what is the minimum required IELTS score for the information session.

    My ECA is still in progress, is it compulsory for the session.


    1. The minimum IELTS score band is CLB 7, which is Band 6 for each of the 4 sections of IELTS (LRWS)

      ECA is recommended but not compulsory for the session. The ECA and an EE profile is compulsory for submitting an EOI


  6. Hi Code Baker, I read somewhere you wrote that the information session does not prove a form of connection, my question is, what is the advantage of the information session. My noc was in the information session and I applied for the Senegal, ivory coast and Morocco. Does applying for these 3 information session affect my chances? I currently leave in Nigeria, so I don’t need a Visa to visit ivory coast but I really want to know the value the information session will add to my canada immigration process. Thank you


    1. Hi Lauren

      I think NBPNP is currently actively targeting potential applicants who bilingual or French-speaking. Hence, the sessions being held in countries with a strong French language presence. For the information sessions, I believe (although I have no verification in this regard) that NBPNP officers are collecting information on those who attend and then if they match the criteria NBPNP is looking for, these applicants get sent an NOI directly. This is in addition to NBPNP’s sending of NOIs to candidates who are already in the EE pool, as well as the applicants who apply for NBPNP with Employer Support


      1. so the likelihood of getting an invite if you don’t know french is bleak? Also when you say (the registration is closed, it means you were not invited), does that mean when it is off their website, the invites are already sent while the sign up sign is active, and one shouldn’t expect an invite, if the event is taken off their website?


      2. Hi Altaf

        I would say you still have a good chance even if you don’t know French, but yes, it does seem that NBPNP’s current focus is on those who know French. I would think it depends on your years of experience and skill set.

        When the event listing is taken off the website, it means that they have reached the quota for the event in terms of those selected to attend. It does not necessarily mean they have already sent the invites.

        The invites can be sent up to just 4 days before the event. Usually the invites are sent to those selected a week before the event is scheduled. So if you don’t receive an invite in the week leading up to the event date, you are unfortunately unlikely to.

        If an event is still listed on the website and you are able to register, it usually means that the quota for the event has not yet been reached.

        However, please take careful note: the NBPNP website can sometimes be delayed in being updated. So the events are listed even after the date of the event has passed. It does not happen often, but it does happen. So check the website regularly but also be aware of this.


      3. My husband signed up for the information and recruitment session but his NOC was not listed on either programs. (NOC 1221). He uploaded his ECA and IELTS results (above CLB 7). Can he by any chance get an invite? He doesn’t speak French either.


      4. There is always a chance, but really it all depends on the NBPNP and how strictly they are following the criteria they have set. And since last year, they have been following their set criteria pretty strictly.

        I would suggest, wait until about 4 day before the even you have signed up for. If you haven’t received an invite by then, then unfortunately you were not selected to attend the event


      5. There is a job fair coming up in Netherlands and I heard that new Brunswick province will attend,if one attend same and speak to an immigration officer at the event,will it count as information session attended.


      6. Hello Victor

        Unless it’s on the list in the NBPNP website, I would not be certain of NBPNP officers being at an unstated job fair. And even if they *are* there, it will simply count as you having attended the info session. Please remember that NBPNP no longer considers attending an info session as a “Connection to NB” – This is very clearly stated on their website – and you need prove a connection to NB to be able to submit an EOI


  7. Please, can one apply to both information session and recruitment event at same location(country)?

    Also, can one apply in different locations (countries) for same event or both events?

    Thirdly, how do you know what you have applied for when their is no verification mail?


    1. Hello

      Yes, you can apply for both BUT ONLY IF your specific NOC is mentioned in both events. This also applies to events held in different countries. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

      Unfortunately sometimes NBPNP does not send an acknowledgement email to say they have received your registration. However, they will send you an INVITATION email is you are selected to attend the event. Please remember, an acknowledgement mail and an invitation email are not the same.


      1. Hello,

        Please what is the minimum IELTS required for new Brunswick information session.

        Also is it necessary to have an EE profile before registering.


      2. An EE profile is not compulsory but recommended. The minimum IELTS score band is CLB 7, which is Band 6 for each of the 4 sections of IELTS (LRWS)


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