Canada Wants Us!

Please bear with me on this post… I might get highly maudlin.

Firstly, an apology to those who follow my blog posts regularly. I know I have been very scarce for almost 2 months. Frankly, I had no updates Canada-wise, and also, personal matters (including moving apartments) made life hectic between mid-December 2018 and the beginning of January 2019.

Things are finally on their way to being settled down, and I can once again start regularly posting updates on our Maple Leaf Journey.


So… the last time anything happend on our PR application was waaaaayyyy back on 25th November 2018. That day, I had a ‘ghost update‘ on my MyCIC account. But after that…. SILENCE.

In the days following the ghost update, my logging in to the MyCIC account became more frequent than strictly needed (or recommended), i.e. I logged in almost every couple of hours, just to check for any other updates, and I checked and re-checked my email account (including the Spam and Bin folders) for ANY email from CIC.

Of course, there was nothing to see, and every time I opened the MyCIC account or checked my email account, I would just get that little more disappointed and lose a little more hope.

Honestly, under the circumstances, I actually had nothing to worry about. CIC states that Express Entry applications take 6 months to process. And mine (in December) had just passed the 3 months mark. So I was well within the processing time with no actual cause to be stressed or anxious. But, I am a human being. And it irked me to no end that so many people were getting their PPR emails or notifications and yet, here I was, still waiting.

I think probably that is why things got rather hectic for Z and I from mid-December. It was God’s way of distracting me from my unhealthy obsession, and getting me to focus again on things that currently mattered. Canada was still a distant dream (although much closer than it had been at the beginning of 2018); there were realities to be faced and worked on right now.

So, thanks to real life ( 🙂 ), I only checked on my MyCIC account once, or at most twice, a week. And my mental state was a lot calmer for it (in that department, anyway… haha). I had trained my mind not to expect the PPR email until 10 March 2019 (which is exactly 6 months from the date of the PR application AOR). In the mean time, there were jobs for me and Z to go to, visiting family to entertain, places to visit, a new apartment to set up… enough things to keep us busy.

But then……………………………..

On Monday evening, around 11.20 pm UAE time, ping! went the email notification on my phone. Nope, I didn’t hear it. I was fast asleep and dead to the world at that time. My sleep broke around 4 am Tuesday morning, and I was just wondering if I could put in another hour or hour and a half of sleep before getting up to a) read my morning prayers, and b) get ready for work, when I noticed the flashing light on my phone that indicated a new message.

I didn’t think much of it – the CIC Job Bank usually sends a job alert email to me sometime during the night so I just figured it was one of those again. But still, I decided to check the email.

And, oh my God! There it was. The PPR email. Alhumdulillah, Ya Rabb!

cic ppr request email

I thought I was delirious and seeing things. After all, it was 4 am in the morning and I was still half-asleep. Or I had been when I first read the subject line.

Let me state right now, I am quite proud of how calm I remained. For about 5 minutes.

I did not leap out of bed; I did not rush to my laptop; I did not shove Z awake.

I calmly sat up, and squinted through the email. All 5 pages of it. And then, with my heartbeat racing, I shoved Z awake and told him that we had finally received the PPR email. Of course, Z’s reaction to this was, “mfaskfhahfwfs“. (Have I mentioned that Z is definitely not a morning person? 😛 Besides, he is currently suffering from a bad case of the ‘flu, so that makes him even less likely to register what I just said.)

Anyway, there was nothing to be done at 4 am in the morning – I mean, it was not like I could just jump into my car and rush off to the VAC Dubai office to submit our passports at that time. So I tried to go back to sleep.

Ahahahahahahahaha 😀 😀 😀 ….. yeah, right. Like I was going to sleep now. I was too excited, too heart-full, too nervous to do anything much.

What I did do was give thanks to Allah. Without His Mercy and Blessings, this dream would not have taken shape in the first place and nor would it be so close to completion now. Just a little bit further to go, a little bit longer until we step foot in the country that will become our new home.


Strangely, our PPR email was exactly that: an email. Usually the instructions comes as a PDF attachment, but seriously, I am not fussed. It’s the PPR email. I don’t need it to be a PDF. I saved the email as a PDF document, as the email states that you need to present it to the VAC office along with your passports and photos.

Below are the screenshots of the 5 pages of the email:

ready for visa p1ready for visa p2ready for visa p3ready for visa p4ready for visa p5


A thing that sort of freaked me about the email was that it stated that we needed to submit our passports to the London, UK VAC office (as highlighted in yellow in the screenshots above). Huh? I’m pretty sure we are not in UK but in UAE, and also that our address on our application stated a UAE address.

I emailed the London, UK office early on Tuesday morning (around 9 am UAE time), but their auto-reply freaked me out even more. They said it takes them 28 days to reply to any queries. The deadline to submit our passports is 30 days. And I am not about to miss this deadline in any way, shape or form. I decided that the following day (Wednesday), I would go to the VAC Dubai office myself and see what can be done.

The London office actually did reply within a few hours (actually at 4.30 pm UAE time), but that email was maddeningly vague and unhelpful.

london office reply

This just strengthened my resolve to go to the VAC Dubai office the following day and hope for the best.

Until then, time to jump back to the CanadaVisa forum, which I have also neglected lately, to update my fellow PR applicants, and start planning out (again) our next steps on our Maple Leaf Journey.

Soon, Canada….. soon! 🙂

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