One More Step on the Road

At last……! 😀 😀

I am very happy to report that after exactly 34 excruciatingly looooooong days of silence, the MyCIC account finally… finally… had an update on our PR application.

Since the day we received our MEP update, every email notification on my phone was a source of heart-thumping anxiety and stress and excitement for me. All right, so after the first 3 weeks or so of being patient (yes, sorry, that’s about the limit of my patience), it was more like “Yalla, please! Just something, anything, at least some indication of movement on the application!” followed invariably by the disappointment of getting no news, the worry that something had gone wrong with the application, and then the fresh research on Google for what could be holding up the application process.

Through CIC, the CanadaVisa forum, and also other blogs and articles, I had found that the PR application process goes through many different stages before the final decision is reached. And many factors are involved in the movement of your application through the different stages; including the visa office where the application is, the mood of the visa officer, the amount of applications being processed by said VO, and so on. But generally speaking, the PR application processing follows a similar pattern from AOR to PPR/CoPR (roughly: AOR – NA1 – MEP – IP1 – NA2 – IP2 – NA3 – PPR – CoPR AOR).

Well, not this time.

Thanks to the introduction of biometrics collection from 31st July, that pattern from AOR to PPR went out the window, and so did all the research I had done, and the timelines and updates from earlier applicants.

So all there was to do was to wait and hope and pray to Allah for sabr and good news, and in the meantime, distract myself in every way possible. I took up painting (if you are actually interested, please see my Instagram 🙂 ) – it requires complete concentration and keeps me from dwelling on the slowness of this process and I get something relatively nice out of it. At the rate I’m going, I might even have a proper art collection to display at some famous art gallery soon. Haha. 😀

Watch this space! LOL


Last night at exactly 10pm UAE time, ping! goes the email notification sound on my phone and when I check it, it is an email from the CIC. Woohoo!

Of course I immediately rush to the laptop and open up my MyCIC account. And in the account homepage, under ‘Current Status’, it now says “Your action is required”.

RPRF Notice

In the details section, the Review of Additional Documents Required had been updated to read “We need additional documents to continue processing your application”.

Application Details

And in the messages section, we now had the request letter to pay the RPRF:

RPRF Request LetterRPRF Payment Letter

Notice that the background check status in the details section had not changed since Day 1, when we received AOR, although according to earlier applicants the BGC should have gone from NA1 to IP1 to NA2 to IP2 by now, since we have received the RPRF request. This is what I meant when I said that the addition of biometrics collection had thrown the steps between AOR to PPR completely out of whack.

Also, please note, you can pay the RPRF upfront when you submit your PR application to CIC. I chose not to because a) waiting for some sort of news from CIC regarding the application process was already tortuous enough for me, and b) frankly, after all the money we spent in getting to the point of submission, we needed our bank accounts to recover a little before we gave more money to the Canadian government.


So obviously, I had researched how to pay the RPRF once we received the request, and below are the steps I followed to pay it.

On the CIC website, you can check the “How to Pay Your Fees” page to see if you can pay online or need to pay in some other way. Choose the country you will be paying from, the type of application and what you are paying for, to receive the payment instructions:


For me, since I currently live in the UAE, I needed to pay online.

RPRF Pay Online

Now this part was a bit confusing, because when I clicked on the “Pay my fee online” button, it took to my MyCIC login page. So actually you need to go the online payment portal and then create an account and/or login in to pay the fee.

When you click ‘Continue’, you will be asked to select the required service. Select ‘Immigration’, which will then take to you a page listing all the services you can pay for. Choose ‘Right of permanent residence fee’ to be taken to the next page, where you enter the number of RPRFs you will paying for (one each for the principal applicant and any dependents mentioned in the application). In our case, the Quantity was 2. When you click submit, it will show you the total amount that needs to be paid (CAD 980 for us), and tell you to “Login in and Pay”.

Note: if you don’t have an account, you will first need to register and then login to pay the fee.

Once you are done with the payment, you will receive an official receipt in the email you used to register/login with. This will be required in the MyCIC account, to be uploaded as an additional document. Because I only received one RPRF request letter, there was only one slot available to upload the receipt.

RPRF Doc Upload Required

Therefore, I wrote a short LoE to say that I had paid the RPRF for both me and Z, and attached it to the official receipt. So now, the documents checklist section looked like this:

Sign for ADR

Once I gave my digital signature and declaration, and submitted the upload, my ‘Current status’ changed back to submitted.

Application Page Submitted

One more small step in the Maple Leaf Journey completed. Here is our timeline from the beginning until now:

  • NBPNP EOI: 1 May 2018
  • NBPNP ITA: 11 June 2018
  • NBPNP AOR: 26 June 2018
  • NBPNP Nomination: 20 July 2018
  • CIC ITA: 25 July 2018
  • CIC AOR: 10 September 2018
  • CIC MEP: 5 October 2018
  • CIC RPRF Request: 8 November 2018

Now, once again, yet another cycle of waiting and hoping begins. But at this moment, I am a little more optimistic than I have been in the past 3 weeks. As always, practicing sabr and having faith in Allah’s plans for us will continue to to sustain and motivate me until the golden PPR email and beyond.

Don't Give Up

Yes, in Sha Allah, our Maple Leaf Journey will be a success.

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