Medicals Passed!

I really need to get out the habit of checking my MyCIC account every day, several times a day, in the hopes of some sort of change in our application status. If this keeps up, I might have to check myself into some sort of Zen retreat (more likely, an asylum) before I lose my mind completely.

Having said that – yesterday, 23 long days after CIC AOR, we finally received an update on the MyCIC account. Yes, you guessed it: we passed the medical exam!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

I had checked the account in the morning as usual, but there had been no change at that time. Usually, I check the account every few hours – just in case. But yesterday was a very busy day (lucky me, it kept my mind from obsessing over the application status) – and we had to travel to Abu Dhabi – so I did not get to check the account most of the day. But then, around 4.45pm (UAE time) I got an email (on my mobile) from CIC saying there was a new message in my account.

My heartbeat sped up immediately, and no, obviously I was not going to wait until we were back home to check for the message. After about 4 attempts at my password (my hands were shaking), I logged into my MyCIC account on my mobile. And there it is: “Your action is required”.

CIC Update 1_LI

So I click on the “Check full application status” link, and there, oh! glorious!, was the update I had been waiting for: “You passed the medical exam.”. The biometrics section had now changed to read “We need your fingerprints to process your application.” and in the messages section, there were 2 letters (one each for me and Z) for biometrics collection.

CIC Update MEP 1

Biometrics Instruction Letter

Woohoo! 😀

One more stage in the application process completed, alhumdulillah.

For the biometrics, we get 30 days to submit our fingerprints and photos for enrollment. But no way I was waiting to do that, especially considering all the delays I endured to submit the full CIC application.

So, I applied for an appointment for both me and Z for the following morning (today) at the VFS Global offices in Dubai.

Actually, you have 2 choices: you can walk in for this, or you can make an appointment. I wasn’t taking any chances, so I booked the appointment online through their website once we reached home last night. Since I had already paid the biometrics fee when I submitted the full application, there were no additional fees required for this.

As per our appointment letter, we took our passports, the collection letters from CIC, and our appointment letter with us when we went.

Once at their office, the person at the counter will check your letter from the IRCC and your passport, and enter your details online. After that, they will print out your receipt and instruct you to go to the small office, one person at a time, for the fingerprinting and photograph. You have give official the IRCC letters and your passport here as well, as they scan the bar-code on the letter as well as your passport.

The entire process took about 30 minutes, and that too only because there were about 4 other people ahead of us. Once both our fingerprints and photographs were taken, the MyCIC account was immediately updated. The account now showed our biometrics enrollment numbers, as well as the issue and expiry dates, and the biometrics section now read “Completed”.

CIC Update Biometrics 1

Please note: you do not get an email from CIC to notify you that the biometrics section has been updated. You need to log into your account to see the change.

And now the next round of the waiting games start: background checks and additional documents (hopefully not!). Perhaps in a few weeks (yes, I am being rather optimistic here), I will happily share that we have received a final decision on our application.

As always, praying for the best, and keeping faith in God’s plans for us on our Maple Leaf Journey.


3 thoughts on “Medicals Passed!

  1. Hello,
    just a quick question. If the status of Medical exam is Passed it means that you already Passed the Review of Eligibility?



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