Mediterranean Middle-East

Everyone knows about the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, and Atlantis the Palm in Dubai. They are playground of the rich and famous, where the fashionistas sun themselves to bronze perfection, sipping their drinks with shades on, and exchange the latest challenges of their glamorous lives.

Located near the Burj Al Arab is the Madinat Jumeirah – a luxury resort spreading across about 40 hectares of gardens and buildings.

The design of Madinat Jumeirah is inspired by an Arabian Citadel, but it reminds me of beautiful summer days along the coast of Greece and Italy, and the clear blue waters and pristine beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of my favourite places to visit, and also, it is a place I can at least afford to visit, as long as I don’t plan to do anything outrageous – like staying at one of the three boutique hotels there or in any of the summer houses or villas.

The three boutique hotels (Al Qasr, Mina A’Salam, and Al Naseem), the 29 summerhouses (known as Dar Al Masyaf), and the 7 Malakiya villas are located around the resort grounds.

Mina A’ Salam or ‘The Harbour of Peace’ was the first of the boutique hotels to be completed, and features 292 rooms and suites.

Al Qasr, which literally translates to ‘The Palace’, comprises 294 rooms and suites, designed to reflect a Sheikh’s summer residence.

Dar Al Masyaf consists of 29 stand-alone, two-storey residential retreats inspired by traditional Arabian summer houses. Each of the 29 ‘houses’ features 9–11 rooms and suites which are extended across the resort grounds.

Al Naseem, which translates to ‘The Breeze’, comprises 430 rooms and suites. It is, however, the only hotel in Madinat Jumeirah without a connection to the other hotels via waterway.

Guests at one of the on-site hotels have access to a variety of spa treatment facilities and gyms with Talise Spa and Talise Fitness, offering views over the property and also over the Gulf itself.

Five kilometers of waterways link the different areas of the resort, and water taxis (or Abras) allow guests to travel along them to all parts of the resort.

Plus, there’s more than 50 different restaurants, nightspots and lounges at your disposal across its 40 hectares. Whatever your taste, there is something on site to satisfy your culinary cravings.

So if you live in the UAE, or are just visiting, I would definitely recommend going to Madinat Jumeirah at least once, and, if you can afford it ( 🙂 ), stay at one of the beautiful hotels or summerhouses, and enjoy a Mediterranean vacation without actually going to the Mediterranean

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