The Last Exit

Travelling on the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is pretty easy – a lot of people travel this route every day, to and from work. Depending on where you stay in Dubai and where you are going in Abu Dhabi, the trip can take anywhere between 40 minutes and 2 hours.

Along the way, there are the usual petrol stations and rest stops, where you can stop to stretch your legs, fill fuel and also fuel your stomach at the different fast food options available (Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, Burger King, MacDonalds, etc.).

But, in my opinion, the best place to make a stop on your trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, is The Last Exit – Jebel Ali North.

The Last Exit is a themed street food truck stop, offering a selection of fresh and tasty gourmet street food in a fun, chilled and convenient atmosphere. There are four Last Exit locations: Jebel Ali North, Jebel Ali South, Al Khawaneej and Al Qudra. Each location has its own unique theme and entertainment for all ages to explore and discover. It’s up to you whether stop for a quick bite or come for the day.

The Last Exit (Jebel Ali North) – the one we usually stop at – has a Mad Max theme going, with a couple dozen food trucks offering everything from kadak chai to sushi. The other locations are themed as 1950s America (very retro – this is the Jebel Ali South location), Equestrian (Al Qudra – which offers live entertainment as well) and Green Fingers/Oasis (Al Khawaneej).

So choose the one that appeals to your imagination and appetite, and enjoy a day out with the family or a quick stop on your road trip.

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