At Last… Submission


Finally Done

With just 4 days remaining for my self-imposed deadline to submit the CIC PR application, today, after all the tears and headaches and running around like a headless chicken, I have finally submitted the full application for PR.

Thanks to the NBPNP application stage, most of the documents required by CIC were already printed, scanned and uploaded to the online portal. The remaining documents (our PCCs, medical exam forms, and of course, new bank balance statements and LoEs) were uploaded as and when received.

Z was the luckier of the two of us here. All his documents came through, no problem. Alas, that Aramex messed up and then SAPS messed up my PCC and that in that time, the South African Rand value crashed. Because if I had received my correct PCC at the same time as Z, we could submitted this application well over 3 weeks ago, when the Rand and the Dirham value were both comparatively stable and strong against the Canadian dollar.

Ah, well.

Plans do not always work out the way you expect or want.

Still, the main thing is that the application has now been submitted. That is definitely a positive, and we have come a long way into our Maple Leaf Journey. Honestly, if the processing times for the provincial nomination had taken the usual time, we would have only received the CIC ITA around this time, or perhaps would even still have been waiting for the ITA. So happy for us, we are onto the next stage.

Now as mentioned before, once we received the CIC ITA, we had 60 days to fill up the online forms and upload all our supporting documents. We also had the option to pay both the application processing fees and the Right of Permanent Residency Fees (RPRFs) at the time of submission, as well as the (new) biometric fees.

I chose to pay just the processing fee of CAD 550 (total CAD 1100 for the two of us) and the biometrics fee of CAD 170 for now. Why? Well firstly, paying the RPRF now would be an additional CAD 490 each (total of CAD 980), and I would like my finances to recover a little before handing over more money to CIC. And secondly, I hate waiting. I know I have to wait around for at least 3-5 months (if I’m lucky) for CIC’s processing machine to grind out the desired result of a PPR. At least then, when I get a message from CIC asking me to pay our RPRFs, I will know that PPR hopefully will be just around the bend.

So here are the online forms that needed to be filled in for the PR application through your MyCIC account (these are basically the same ones that you had to fill in when creating your EE profile, just more detailed):

PR App Page 1

As you can see, there is now a section called “Personal History” added to the main section. There are also additional requirements in other sections. For example, in the “Personal Details” section, you now have to add your eye colour, height, and weight – I guess so they can check that it matches with your medical details? You will also need to add details of your immediate family members i.e. your mum, dad and any siblings you have.

Once you have updated the forms and have green ticks for all the sections, you can either preview your score (in case something has drastically changed between when you received your ITA and when you are submitting the PR application – like a divorce, change of address, or birth of a baby), or you can click on “Continue”.

When you click on “Continue”, you will be taken to the Upload Supporting Documents page. Here you upload all the scanned copies of the various documents required:


There is only one slot allowed for each document to be uploaded, so make sure that all your pages for each of the documents are merged into one PDF that is under 4MB. For example, I had 19 pages in total for my passport that needed to be scanned and saved as one PDF. I used an online PDF compression tool to ensure that it was under 4MB.

After all the documents have been uploaded, I rechecked everything again twice, including the forms filled in earlier (yes, I am obsessively making sure nothing is missing or in the wrong section). Once that was done, I clicked “Continue” again, and was asked to write my digital signature and then pay the fees (this can be paid via MasterCard or Visa, just like the NBPNP processing fee).

About 15 minutes after the payment went through, I received a new message from CIC – the AOR of our application and payment confirmation. The MyCIC account status was updated and now looks like this:

CIC PR Application Status Progress

And now, the waiting games have begun again. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past 6 weeks, but I am hopeful that this next stage will go smoothly in Sha Allah, and that, as with NBPNP nomination, we will not receive any ADRs, and the processing will go quickly.

Extremely thankful, relieved and happy to have reached and gotten over yet another hurdle in our journey. Continuing to pray and hope for the best, with God’s help and guidance.


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