Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s Autumn!

Well, okay, technically Autumn starts tomorrow, but whatever. 🙂 Although, in Dubai, I don’t think we ever get an actual change of seasons. It kind of just slides from Endless Summer to Temporary Winter-ish coolness (not even cold) and then back again.


In honour of Autumn, I wanted to talk about of one of the prettiest places we’ve been to in Dubai: Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden.

The Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden is, like so many other touristy spots in Dubai, open seasonally. It is currently closed, and there has not been an update as to when it will open again, but it will be most probably in October or November. Ticket prices were 45 AED for adults and 35 AED for children under the age of 12. It’s open 7 days a week, 9am – 9pm on weekdays and 9am – 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s biggest natural flower garden and consists of many different types of flowers, all arranged in special vertical and horizontal landscaping designs in each of the garden’s areas. The unique outdoor destination is home to more than 100 million blooms of over 70 flower varieties.

The colourful tourist attraction is home to two super-sized Guinness World Record breaking displays.

The first, a life-size replica of an Emirates A380 Airbus became the world’s largest floral installation in 2016. Then earlier this year, Dubai Miracle Garden unveiled a brand new addition to the park; a super-sized version of Disney’s beloved Mickey Mouse. The 18-metre floral Mickey Mouse statue became the World’s Tallest Supported Topiary Sculpture.

Each year the park adapts a new theme, and this season was “Sunflower Lovers”, which meant the bright yellow blooms were the star of the show. A stunning collection of parrots, kangaroos, giant ants, butterflies and swans was also added to the park, as well as more sitting areas including a selection of floating beds and tropical-inspired hammocks.

You should definitely add this beautiful place in your list of things to do in Dubai, if you haven’t already.

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