Almost… There

Every time I think we are close to the finish line, something happens and moves the finish line. It’s like I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to reach that distant horizon that had seemed so close just a couple weeks ago. 😦 *sigh*

So why the sad, rather pessimistic attitude at the moment?

Well, I have lately realised, thanks to the recent fluctuating value of the South African rand, my provident fund amount is currently not enough to cover the costs for our total settlement funds for Canada, even when combined with our bank balance as it stands at the moment 😥 😥 Soooo… I’m going to have to wait until I get my salary at the beginning of September, and Z gets his pay for the classes he has been taking, before I can apply for my bank balance statements, and we can show that we have the minimum required funds. And I do mean the minimum. Because the Dirham has also fluctuated against the Canadian dollar. And even though the fluctuation is small, it still adds up in the end.

Bah! 😡

It may be a matter of just a few hundred Canadian dollars, but again, it adds up – a few hundred Canadian dollars can mean over a thousand Dirhams and/or Rands. And that can mean the difference between our application getting accepted or rejected. But frankly, considering the amount of blood, sweat, running around, tears, tantrums, yelling, hair-pulling, etc…. and of course, money… we have already spent just getting to this point, I honestly feel we would be doing ourselves a disfavour by not completing the entire journey. Although as Z said the other day, completing the journey by being broke is not exactly what we were hoping for.

Fair point.

On a more positive note:

Amazingly, this time neither SAPS nor Aramex made any mistakes, and I actually finally received the correct police certificate from the SAPS, and Aramex did not leave the delivery package under my doormat – because I went to their offices and picked up the certificate myself.

Fantastic. We are getting on now.


And another positive note:

NBPNP is holding a Job Fair session in Dubai in September – I think as part of their recruitment drive for the AIPP. And both Z’s and my NOCs  (2174 and 5241) are on the list. So maybe we can attend the job fair (if we get invited to attend, that is)? And possibly get a chance at a interview? And maybe even, by some miraculous way, have some sort of safety net (i.e. an actual JOB) when we finally land in New Brunswick?

In Sha Allah.

God will guide to what is best for us in this journey, as He has done so far. I didn’t want to have to move to New Brunswick in the winter anyway. Who needs to be greeted with minus 20 degrees temperatures and foot high snow drifts the first time they land somewhere?

Keeping faith, staying strong, and attempting to only have positive vibes.

Stay Calm

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