Road to Hatta

I like taking road trips. Especially when I’m not driving. 🙂

There’s always so much to see, and enjoy, when you take a nice, long drive and discover new places to marvel at – and the drive from Dubai to Hatta is definitely one of the nicest ones I have taken.

Most people who are in Dubai on a temporary visa, take at least one trip to Hatta, to cross the border into Oman, and then re-enter UAE on a renewed visa. Some do it as a day-trip, and others decide to make a bit of a holiday of it, staying in and exploring Oman before returning to the UAE.

Hatta is a beautiful, though quite small, place. Surrounded by mountains, there a wonderful mixture of green and desert in this place, with the slow, carefree pace that comes with a small town. It was wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, where you are surrounded by skyscrapers, cars and trains, and people, wherever you turn. The last time we were in Hatta, we did not cross the border to Oman, but explored in and around Hatta itself. In this way, we discovered the Hatta Dam, which was one of the highlights of this road trip.


I definitely want to visit Hatta again in the coming months, perhaps cross the border and explore the wadis in Oman this time, especially the one where you get to go in an underground cave, and also try out kayaking in the dam.


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