Beautiful Western Cape

I miss home.

I really, really miss South Africa.

And I miss the road trips we take when we are in the Western Cape.

The last time I went to the Western Cape with my family, we travelled through scenic coastal roads to Cape Point, to climb up and see the place where the two oceans meet. We enjoyed delicious fish and chips, hot and steaming, at Hout Bay, while seagulls hovered around us and tried to steal our chips, and seals lazed on the rocks, sunning themselves. We saw ostriches at one of the many ostrich farms that are located here, although I didn’t get to ride one. And we paid a quick visit to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, the southern-most tip of Africa.

Every time I visit the Western Cape, it’s like experiencing everything for the first time again. The ever-changing ocean, the abundant flora and fauna, the friendly, smiling faces of Capetonians, the mouth-watering cuisine…*sigh*

I hope to visit home again soon, and go on another trip through parts of the Western Cape, and also many other parts of South Africa, that I have left unexplored until now.

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