Bungles. Bungles Everywhere.

Well, I guess the dramas for this immigration process just does not end.

ToyStory Meme

Thanks to the bungling of the SAPS, my South African police clearance certificate has the wrong Date of Birth and Country of Birth on it. 😥 😥 *sobbing into a pillow* Why me? How was that even possible when they had my fingerprints and my passport with my country and date of birth CLEARLY stated on it, and it is information that should be available to them on their national database as I am a citizen of South Africa???

So now I have had to apply AGAIN for a new police clearance certificate from SAPS, and can only hope that this time they will not mess up the details, and that Aramex (that wonderful courier service) will deliver this document before the end of next week.

What a good thing I hadn’t applied for my bank balance statements yet.

Because it looks like I will not be able to submit our PR application until the actual self-imposed deadline I had set myself for 14 September. Perhaps this is why CIC gives you 60 days from the time they send the ITA for you to submit your application.

Praying so hard right now that nothing else goes sideways, and that everything will proceed smoothly again from here on end. Please let this be just a minor bump on the Maple Leaf Journey.

Staying positive.


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