The Final Countdown

Finally, I received my South African police clearance today.


So that’s all the necessary documents now received and scanned, ready to be submitted, except for the updated Bank Statements. I’m currently holding off on getting these, for just a few more days at least, because right now, the value of the South African rand has taken a hit and consequently that has brought our settlement fund value down. 😦 😥 *cries*

If I could be sure that giving the CIC the previous bank statements (the ones I submitted to New Brunswick PNP for the full application) would still be valid, I would just go with those and submit the PR application already. But I can’t be sure, and I don’t want to take a risk and have our application rejected or delayed for trivial reasons.

I do still have 3 weeks to go before my self-imposed deadline for submission, so I’m hoping for the best in that time in Sha Allah. I have to wait until next week to apply for the updated bank statements anyway, since everything is closed for the most of this week because of Eid ul Adha celebrations.

So for now, I’m just hoping and praying that the value of the Rand improves, and that I can submit our PR application within the next 2 weeks maximum.

Until then… back to patiently waiting.



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