Dubai Garden Glow

It’s been a while since we have been to Dubai Garden Glow, but it was a enjoyable experience and something I would recommend everyone who lives or visits Dubai does at least once.

Opened in 2015, this park was an immediate hit, and they have just finished Season 3. Season 4 will kick off in the first week of October 2018. The entrance fee is 60 AED per person, and children under 3 years old go free. The latest addition to the park is the Ice Park, which has a separate entrance fee of 40 AED per person.

The gates open at 4pm, which is perfect timing if you just want to wander around for a while, have a picnic with family and friends, and maybe visit the Dinosaur Park – before the light show starts at sunset.

The Dinosaur Park is styled like Jurassic Park (the original version), including the lab with the dinosaur eggs and the “10000 volts” electric fencing. The animatronics are quite lifelike, and great fun for taking photos and videos of.

Then there is the Underwater Wonderland, the Colourful World and the Magical Nights. Be prepared to spend many hours walking around delighting in all the colourful, enchanting displays. But don’t worry, if your feet get tired, there are plenty of places to sit down and chill out, as well as restaurants and cafes to quench your thirst and hunger.

6 thoughts on “Dubai Garden Glow

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂

      Garden Glow is unfortunately closed currently, but will be open again in the first week of October. If you are here at that time, you should definitely visit it!


      1. Absolutely! Depends on your budget and tastes, though.

        Abu Dhabi – Yas Island (including the F1 racetrack), Yas Mall, Emirates Palace, the Corniche, Ferrari World, the Grand Mosque

        Dubai – Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall Ice Rink, Mall of the Emirates Ski Dubai, Dubai Canal, Creek and Marina dhow/yacht ride, Desert Safari, Burj Al Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah, Last Exit (between Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

        The list goes on 🙂 I will be covering some of these places in my upcoming posts.


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