You’re Invited!

The NBPNP nomination came on a Friday (20th July).

The following Wednesday, 25 July 2018, the 95th Express Entry draw took place, and all applicants in the pool with a score of 441 and above, received ITAs from CIC for PR.

Happily, with our score of 995 CRS points, we were one of the 3750 people who received that notification in our account informing us that we were now at least halfway through the process of our journey to a new land.

I feel like I should be playing Chariots of Fire in the background while I type this… or maybe that should be left for when we get the Passport Request.


Anyway, the next stage now looms up ahead – submitting all required documents to CIC for processing, including updated bank statements (yay, I can see another argument looming with my bank.), medical results and Police Clearance certificates from both South Africa (here I foresee another long wait for results) and the UAE.

Also with the application, we will need to pay the processing fee of CAD 550 each, plus another CAD 490 each for the RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee), and now, as of 31st July 2018, another CAD 170 my biometrics as the PA.

So total cost for submitting the full application to CIC is CAD 2250.  Not a cheap process, this. (I will be including a full breakdown of all our costs for this immigration process in a later post.) But, we knew this when we started. And we were, and are, willing to bear the cost right now, if it means that we will be getting a chance at a better life in the near future.

Until then, on to the next step… getting our PCCs and the medical tests.


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