And the Nomination Goes To…



We got it! We got it! We got it! SubhanAllah (All Glory be to God)! We got it!

On Friday, 20th July 2018, a mere 16 days after receiving the AOR, at 6 pm Dubai time, I received the email notification telling us that we had received the NBPNP Nomination.

“Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!” ~Balki, Perfect Strangers.

Dance of Joy.gif

(Btw, for those of you who have never heard of or watched this show, you have missed out. Really. It was awesome.)

Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

So here’s how it went down.

After receiving the AOR email from NBPNP, I put the thought of getting a nomination at the back of my mind, and carried on with my normal life. Well, kind of…?

Of course, I was still active on the Canadavisa forum, reading up on various topics, and sharing thoughts and experiences with other members. I was also busy with my work as a Computer Science and English lecturer/trainer. Since the ITA for a full application took 40 days to arrive, I figured that getting a nomination (if we were lucky) would take just as long at the very least. After all, some people on the forum had waited 7 months before they got their nomination. I could, and would, be patient for 8 weeks.

The Friday started out as any other regular weekend (In the UAE the weekend is Friday and Saturday). Z and I spent most of it vegetating at home. It was too hot to go anywhere, and besides, we were exhausted after yet another week of long hours at work.

Now, most of the forum members who had also received ITAs at the same time as me (11 June), had sent their full application either in the first or second week of July. No one, except me, had received an AOR email until 10 July. So at that time, we were all just waiting around for PNP nominations to happen.

On 11 July, the 94th Express Entry draw took place, and all those with a CRS score of 442 or above received ITAs for PR. With CRS cut-off scores this high, PNP was our only viable option. So if the 6-8 week processing time held, I figured we would hopefully get PNP nomination before the 98th or 99th Express Entry draw took place.

In the 3rd week of July, several people from the 11 June NBPNP ITA group received ADRs. I had not received any ADR, so I was hoping that my application processing (there are 3 reviews of the application before they make a final decision) was going smoothly and had not been tossed in the bin or something.

I think I had achieved some kind of Zen calmness during these waiting games – or perhaps (more accurately) God had given my mind the peace that comes with true sabr (patience) – because frankly, instead of panicking and stressing and generally working myself into a pessimistic state (like I usually might do in these sort of circumstances), I felt serene and tranquil, like I was floating on a clear placid lake.

Pacid lake
Calmness… like water flowing

And so, when I heard the ping! of a new email message on my phone that evening, I didn’t even bother to check what it was. I only checked my email around 7.15 pm, when I sat down at my laptop to work on the lesson plan for one of my classes the following day. I saw the subject of the unread email and, because I had so convinced my mind that there was no way I would be receiving a nomination email until the end of August,  it didn’t really register the first time I read it that I had received an email from NBPNP about nomination. And then, I blinked and read the subject heading again.

Oh. My. God.

My hands were trembling as I clicked on the email to open it. Happy, happy, blessed day. We had got it. The nomination.

Confirmation of Nomination_LI

Of course, I went to check my MyCIC account straight away, but it hadn’t been updated yet with the nomination message. I would have to wait another hour or so before it was updated. And then, at 8.30 pm, when I checked the account again, there was the updated messages I was waiting for:

NB Nomination
Provincial/Territory Nominations
NB Nomination 2
Nomination Letter

When I went to tell Z the fantastic news, his reaction was typically muted. He doesn’t get very excited unless it’s do to with his graphic design and photography, watching horror movies, or playing games like Uncharted. LOL.

I didn’t accept the nomination right away. Why not?  Well, because I just wanted to savour the feeling of euphoria for a day. Just hold it close to my heart and let myself dream, just a little, of the place we might soon be calling our new home.

The next afternoon (Saturday), Z casually asked me what the next stage for our journey was, now that we had accepted the nomination, and did we get the 600 points yet? Um, I hadn’t accepted the nomination yet, actually. Z gave me That Look, as in, “Seriously N? What are you thinking?” All right, already. I logged onto my MyCIC account, and accepted the nomination from NB.

NB Nomination Accepted 2_LINB Nomination Accepted

After a few hours, the additional 600 points were added to our CRS score, bringing it up to 995 points – since I had had my birthday the week before, our original CRS score of 400 had dropped by 5 points.

Now, on to the next step – CIC ITA for PR – which we should get in the next Express Entry draw, probably at the end of July.

Thank you God, for continuing to bless us on this journey, and showing us that this was indeed the path meant for us to take.

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