Thank You for the Acknowledgement

Our precious bundle of documents were couriered to NBPNP by DHL on 26 June 2018.

As per the DHL service guy, it would take 3 days to reach Fredericton. So, if everything went well, the package would reach NB on Friday, 29 June. I tracked the package online everyday, and everything seemed to be in order, even if the “Expected Delivery Date” (sounds like a due date for a baby LOL) read 5 July 2018 instead of 29 June 2018. I decided I was not going to stress about it. I had prayed to God and sent the application off, and in Sha Allah all will go well. Even if it reached NB on 5 July, it was still long before the 45-day deadline.

But true to what the DHL guy had told me, the application was received at the NBPNP Fredericton office on Friday, 29 June, at 10.06 am in the morning. Hooray! It was signed for by L Bresson, who is the administrative assistant.

App Received at NB

I had hopes that perhaps I would get an AOR on the Friday, but it was not to be.

I probably would have received the AOR on Monday, 2 July 2018. But I had forgotten that Monday was Canada Day, and so all offices were closed on that day. Not a good thing for a future Canadian resident to forget. Haha. Anyway, I had to wait until Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 for the email AOR from NBPNP. Short, sweet and vague. But hey, at least I had a PNP number, which meant they would actually be processing my application.


Happy us. We had advanced one more step on our Maple Leaf Journey. And now, back to the waiting games, while we wait for them to complete processing our application. Hopefully we would not get any ADRs (Additional Documents Requests), and by the end of August (8 weeks from AOR), we would receive that final email from NBPNP to say we have received PNP nomination.



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