The Full Monty.. I mean, Application

Now came the moment… of submitting the full application to NBPNP.

We had until 26 July 2018 to have our full application reach NBPNP. Note: I said, reach NBPNP. Therefore, try to send off your full application at least a week before the deadline. I had already decided that I would consider it a 30-day deadline, and try to send off our full application by the end of June, or at most by the first week of July.

Most of those who apply for immigration will tell you, the 2 most excruciatingly difficult things to get for your application are: 1. the bank and other statements required as proof of funds, and 2. work references from employers that are written in the same or similar structure to CIC’s requirements. The other documents are fairly straightforward to get, especially if you (mostly) complete them ahead of time.

Don’t wait until you receive an ITA to start collecting all your necessary documents. You may end up missing the deadline because you were unable to get everything within the allotted time. It’s like going into battle: planning beforehand is essential, even if your plans do not work out.

going into battle

Luckily, I had most of the documents already prepared while waiting for the ITA.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity ~ Lucius Seneca

The only things I still needed were my bank statements, the provident fund statement, and 1 outstanding work reference letter.

I’m going to go through my battles with these 3 things one at a time.

1. Bank Statements(for past 6 months):
The CIC website states:
“For proof, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you are keeping money.

Letter(s) must:

  • be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead
  • include their contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
  • include your name
  • list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans
  • include, for each current bank and investment account:
    • account numbers
    • the date each account was opened
    • the current balance of each account
    • the average balance for the past six months”

But my bank does not do this. They only give a bank balance statement for the current month, and for all the other months, it will be a statement containing ALL my transactions for each month for the 6 months.

I argued for nearly half an hour with the customer service person regarding this, even showing him the CIC requirements from the website. But he refused to understand. So I went to the branch manager and explained all over again why I needed statements in a specific format, for another half hour. After waiting around 45 minutes for him to be available. He also refused to issue the statements, saying (again) that the bank didn’t do this, and adding, oh, don’t worry, they will accept your application with just the balance statement. And I remember thinking, dude, if they reject my application, I will come back and make sure you die a slow and painful death.

The 6 month transactions statement is 25 AED. The bank balance statement costs 50 AED. If I wanted bank balances for each month, as per CIC, then I would have to pay 300 AED. And I had to pay another 50 AED for a statement with my account details (opening date, type of account, IBAN number). So all together, total cost: 425 AED.

Yeah, right. That’s NOT happening. I decided to stick with just the current bank balance statement and get the full 6 months’ statements with all the transactions. When I went to collect it (it takes between 3-5 working days), the lady at the counter printed out the account details statement for me and stamped it, free of charge. At least, some good luck.

Total cost: 75 AED (plus my temper)

End of Bank statements.

2. Provident Fund Statement: The only reason this became a battle was because, for some reason, they thought I wanted to withdraw the money that was in my provident fund account.

So they sent me on a wild goose chase to the data warehouse company that handled unclaimed benefits (because I hadn’t withdrawn my money when I had resigned from that job, the account remained active but unclaimed). The data company couldn’t find my details, so they couldn’t give a statement to say how much was available in the provident account. Call back the main provident fund company. Hold the line for 30-45 minutes. On a call to SOUTH AFRICA (for which I was charged around 2 AED per minute).

And this scene repeated for 3 days in a row before I finally got a hold of someone who understood that all I wanted was a current (stamped) statement of my account showing the account details and amount available. And then they emailed this through to me, while I was still on the phone thanking them for relieving my mind.

Total cost: around 250 AED (plus most of my patience)

End of provident fund statement.

3. Work Reference letter: The only battle here was the time. Since I used to work directly for the CEO of the company, my work reference letter needed to be signed by him or by the HR. The CEO was out of the country for 2 weeks, and the HR asked me to wait until he was back, and then she would speak to him and send through the letter to me.

So I had to wait until 25 June for that.

Total cost: 0 AED (but much patience)

End of work reference letter.

In the mean time, I started putting the documents together.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot.

As per the ITA email received, I also needed to print out a copy of the ITA email, a copy of the EOI I submitted to NBPNP, and a copy of the Confirmation email I received to attend the Information Session in March, and include all of these in the full application.

What a good thing I don’t delete any messages. Most of the time.


Now comes the boring bit.

Below is the completed list of the full application, in order arranged:

Note: For all points with more than 1 item listed, each of the items were stapled separately and then clipped together with a paper clip

1. NBPNP-DCEELMS – Document checklist

2.1  NBPNP Information Session Confirmation Email

2.2 NBPNP EOI form – copy of the one sent to NBPNP

2.3 NBPNP ITA Email

3. Letters of Explanation with a Table of Contents (stapled together)

4.1 NBPNP-003 EELMS – Information Form (stapled)

4.2 Additional Information for NBPNP-003 EELMS form

4.3 Photos in plastic label wallets, stapled to a blank page

5. NBPNP-005SW – Consent and Declaration Form – PA and Spouse (each stapled separately)

6.1 NBPNP-007 Personal Net Worth Form (stapled)

6.2 Bank Balance Statement

6.3 Bank account details statement

6.4 Six months’ transactions statements (stapled)

6.4 Provident Fund Statement

6.5 Net Worth calculation – calculations on my provident fund showing amount left after tax was deducted, as well as the amount in my bank account, making up the total amount of settlement funds for Canada.

7.1 NBPNP-011 Fees Payment Form

7.2 Receipt of successful online payment of NBPNP processing fees

8.1 WES Evaluation report copy – PA

8.2 Degree certificates copy – PA

9. 1 Work Experience letters – PA

9.2 Latest CV copy – PA

10. IELTS Test Report Forms – PA and Spouse  (Remember, you have to send the originals. So please scan a copies for future use first)

11. Passport copies (all pages stapled) – PA and Spouse

12.1 Birth certificates – PA and Spouse

12.2 SA ID copies – PA and Spouse

12.3 Emirates ID copies – PA and Spouse

12.4 Marriage Certificate

And that is it. We were done with the full application. The address where all these documents needed to be shipped to is mentioned in the last page of the Documents Checklist form.

After checking and rechecking that I had included all the documents, I used DHL services to send the application off on Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 15 days after receiving the NBPNP ITA.

Processing from the date of AOR until response for nomination takes 6-8 weeks, as per the NB website. According to some fellow members in the Canadavisa forum, it can take 5-7 months. I sincerely hoped that would not be the case for us.

And so the next cycle of waiting and praying and hoping began – first for the application to reach Fredericton, and then for the quick processing of the application for nomination.

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