Oh My Stars! An ITA! Hooray!

I know NBPNP had said that it’s supposed to take about 45-60 days to issue an ITA for a full application submission, if they accept your EOI. But, as stated before, I am not a patient person in these things. So every day, that I waited for a response, felt more like a week of waiting.

The second week of June began, and it had now been 40 days since I submitted our EOI. I had been patient for a month. That was about my limit for the moment. Now, every day, since 1st June, I checked my email several times a day in the hopes of seeing a reply from NBPNP. Even if it was a rejection email.

Yeah yeah, I know, déjà vu.

But that is the cycle of immigration application: Fill in forms, submit forms, pray for the best, wait for a response. Ad infinitumand beyond! (No, I don’t care if that didn’t make sense.)

Fredericton, New Brunswick is 7 hours behind Dubai, which means their office hours only start at around 3.30 pm Dubai time. So to me, waiting for a response – any response –seemed an endless vista of trying to keep up a positive attitude.

But the world doesn’t work on our puny human ideas of time; it works in God’s time. And when God decided the time was right for us, He opened up the door we had been (sort of) patiently waiting in front of, and revealed to us a horizon that had suddenly expanded from grey and dreary into a rainbow road of colours.

rainbow road
Our colourful road that will lead us to New Brunswick, Canada. In Sha Allah.

In non-poetic terms, on 11 June 2018, at 11.45 pm UAE time (4.45 pm New Brunswick time), I heard the familiar ping! of an email notification on my phone. From the notification heading I could see that it was an email from NBPNP. No, this time I didn’t scream or leap out of bed. This time, I quite calmly got out of bed, walked over to my laptop, and checked my email account.

1 unread message.
Subject heading: Invitation to Apply/Invitation à soumettre une demande

The long awaited ITA from NBPNP to submit a full application

So this is what it felt like to receive an ITA. I don’t think I had been this excited since the day Z and I got married. LOL. It was a sense of relief and happiness, but also nervousness regarding the next step – submitting the full application – even though I had already mostly prepared for that.

I read through the entire email 4 times, just to make sure it wasn’t a figment of my overactive imagination, then went and shook Z awake, to deliver the awesome news. I don’t think Z registered what I had said, because his brain shuts down when he goes to sleep. He mumbled something like “mnajdawo”, then turned over and went back to sleep.

Well, fine then.

I would celebrate this myself. I couldn’t stop grinning, and already in my head I could picture the beautiful places of New Brunswick that I would get to see someday soon, in Sha Allah. And how I would get to revisit Clifton Hill and Montreal, and also now be able to take trips to Alberta and Vancouver, and oh! so many other wonderful places…. But… no no no, put on the brakes, N. You must not get ahead of yourself and let that imagination run away from you into Wonderland.

First and foremost, I thanked God again for granting us this next step on our Maple Leaf Journey (you see what I did there? What’s up blog reference! LOL). Without God’s guidance and His blessings, we wouldn’t even have gotten this far.

I know we still had a long way to go. There was still the submission of the full application to NBPNP – we had 45 days in which to do so (I counted it as 30 days. Rather be safe.). There was the waiting around for them to process the application and send us a nomination. There was waiting around for the next CIC Express Entry Draw if we did get the nomination. And beyond that, more waiting.

But for now, for the next few days at least, I would count my blessings and savour the sweetness of being one step closer to reaching the Canadian dream.

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