The Waiting Games – Part 1

The Supporting Documents

Let me just state right now: I HATE waiting. I am not patient when it comes to waiting for people (or organisations) to do things. I’m the kind of person who, if I don’t get a reply/response from someone within a set time, will passive-aggressively remind said person to hurry up and respond, please.


Maybe that’s why God’s plans took us in the direction of Canadian immigration. Because for this, the key thing you need is… PATIENCE. Lots and lots of patience. Patience while gathering documents. Patience while filling out (what seems like) endless forms. Patience while the processing mill at every stage of your application grinds slowly towards the result you are hoping for.


We had finally decided forget all other Canadian provinces and concentrate solely on New Brunswick. It was going to be our one true love, the gateway to our immigration dreams. Now having sent off the EOI, there was nothing to do but wait and pray and hope for an invitation to submit a full application.

NB Love

Of course, that didn’t mean we just sat around twiddling our thumbs. We had to start gathering and filling up the numerous documents that would be required for the full application. I decided to handle this myself, only consulting Z when I needed some paperwork or clarification from him for his details. In this situation, one headcase (me) was definitely better than two. Besides, this I had patience for. Z didn’t.

So here is the list of documents we needed to have (besides the NB EELMS forms that  had to  be filled out, but that’s another story):

  1. Passports – copies – not just the biometrics page; ALL the pages, including blank pages (Why blank pages too? No idea! But it’s a requirement) – for both of us *
  2. Birth certificates – copies – for both of us (try to get unabridged copies of these)
  3. Marriage certificate – copy – certified
  4. WES Evaluation report – copy **
  5. Educational Degree certificates – copies – certified – for both of us
  6. IELTS Test report forms – originals – for both of us
  7. South African ID – copies – for both of us (We certified these, too)
  8. Emirates ID and visa – copies – for both of us
  9. Bank statements (6 months) – original – stamped by the bank
  10. Current bank balance statement and details of account – original
  11. Provident Fund statement – original – stamped by the provident fund company ***
  12. Work experience letters – originals – for Principal Applicant (me)

* The passport pages’ copies needs to be printed in colournot black and white. I had to make copies of all the pages for BOTH my old passport (which expired recently), and my new passport. Wow.

** A copy of your WES report has to be sent directly from WES to NBPNP – which I did from the WES account I had created when I first sent my degree and transcripts for evaluation. This will cost you an additional CAD 41. But I also included a copy of the evaluation report WES had sent to me in my application.

*** My provident fund account was part of our proof of funds for Canada. Most of the amount required was available in my bank account, but the provident fund was an additional source of funds, and so needed to be included.

I also wrote Letters of Explanation (LOEs) for everything that I thought might need clarification.

For example, all my work reference letters from South Africa were scanned copies sent to me by my previous employers. It was impossible for me to hop onto a plane and fly all the way to South Africa just to get work experience letters. Besides, my ex-employers were quite willing to email the scanned copies to me. As for my provident fund, since it was a South African account, the money in it was in South African Rands and part of it was taxable. So I included a letter showing the taxable amount, as well as the amount available converted to Canadian dollars.

Anything you feel needs an explanation, write a LoE for it. They love explanations. So give them explanations. Detailed ones.

With Items 9-11 (Proof of Funds details) on the list, I decided to wait until we (in Sha Allah) received an ITA from NBPNP before I got them, as they do require the latest statements possible.

Ok, so the list above is just of all the extra, supporting documents you need to include in your application. In my next post, I will be talking about the official forms for NBPNP that needs to be filled out and submitted.

In the mean time, the waiting games continued…

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